Tay Descent

Today was the day of the infamous Tay Descent. This is an annual event which see's all kinds of padlers in all kinds of boats descending the River Tay. I was volunteering as a rescue boat but thankfully the river was really high and I wasn't kept too busy and had plenty of time to play at thistlebrig.


Kidney Research UK

It was a really wet, cold and early start this morning (6.45am). Me and some others, Kidney Research UK, were on Ben Nevis for a charity walk. My job for the day was to walk up and down the path with collecting the people that didn't make it to the top.
The rain didn't stop at all however that didn't stop everyone having a good time and putting a great effort.

Kidney Research UK


5 Star Training and an Update

It's been a while since I last updated the blog and in some cases a lot has happened and in other cases not much has been happening. Due to the constant bad weather on the days off work has meant I haven't been out on the rock so much. I did squeeze a trip down to the lakes to Tranearth Mountian Hut for a friends birthday and also graduated from my course in Lochaber.
The past two days I have attented my 5 star white water training with Chris Dickinson. The weather was rubbish which was great for us. On the first day we ran the Pattack which was at a very high flow but Chirs was showing Dave and I the tricks of trade which helpled us to cruise down the river.
The second day we ran the Upper Roy and the Gorge luckily the water level which meant we could run the whole rive appart from the syphone.  

 Dave and I on the right hand line of 'Wish You Were Here', Roy Gorge

Dave and I approaching 'the ledge', Roy Gorge

Hazard at the End of Roy Gorge
This could a substantial problem at higher flows!