Third Time Lucky

Went to go and climb White Shark because my climbing partner had work in the evening. This time the gondola wasn't running so we decided to go sport climbing instead!
Rock was dry and freezing cold so it made for someinteresting situations.

Johann enduring the cold

Johann on his 'warm up'


Who Would Forget Their Helmet?


So I was on Aonach Mor today hoping to do White Shark. However on reaching the top of the hill I realised I had left my helmet at home, turns out I put it in the wrong rucksack the night before.
Angry at myself I wasn't going to let the day go to waste so we headed round to the bottom to see what wasn't being climbed. I thought climb something easy and not underneath someone.
We chose Pernial(III) but only gave the guidebook a glance and climbed something which I would say was touching on grade IV. Instead of following the line to the left we took the route straight up the gully.
Me on the harder pitch

Craig topping out


This Makes Up for the Rubbish

I was on Aonach Mor today with Lee, We had a civilised start to the day by waking up at a reasonable hour and got the gondola up to the top of the hill. I set my sights on the white shark unfortunately there was more than a few teams on it so we went one step to the right and did tunnel vision(III). After a quick bite we headed back round to have another shot on white shark and a team were just setting off on our arrival. So we ended up doing left twin (III) and called it a day after that.
Lee's face just shouting 'trust'

Lee topping out of Tunnel Vision (III)
Lee on the Crux Pitch of Left Twin
Sun Setting over the Ben

A day that just kept on giving


I was in the Northern Corries today with Guy and Ben to hopefully get something productive done. In hindsight I think this was accomplished. We headed over to Hells Lum first and started on... "Brimstone Groove (IV,4). After the first pitch we followed the best conditions and ended up on Towering Inferno (VI,5) then onto Nobodys Fault (IV,6). The routes on their own probably would either not be in good condition, or just super sporting!" Extract from http://guysteven.blogspot.com/

Guy Starting on Brimstone

Ben Starting on something else.
 After topping out we thought we would head back over to the Mess of Pottage and try Honeypot (IV,6) which had some good sport.
Guy on the Crux Pitch